Wedding Weight Loss: Couple Loses Weight Together


A couple that loses weight together, stays together, or so the saying goes right?  This amazing couple decided to tie the knot but between the two they weighed more than 500 lbs.  They both lost an amazing amount of weight together for their big day and couldn’t be happier.


Kim James and Lee Coggins began planning their wedding, but very hesitantly.  Kim weight around 280 lbs and her future husband, Lee, weighed about 350 lbs.  This was due to their terrible diet and lack of exercise.  Between the two their evening ritual was to finish off a few pizzas, bags of chips, and chocolate bars.  For Kim the change had to happen. She states that, “I would have hated having my photos taken on my wedding day.  In fact if I was the same size, we would not be getting married.”


No one wants to look back at their wedding pictures and be disgusted with themselves, especially with something like your weight.  Something like your hairstyle or dress may not look so pretty in 25 years, but at the time you know it was popular.  Your weight is a completely different story, because it is something you have complete control over.  If you are looking to lose weight here is an amazing inspirational story to get you started.  This couple stuck together and didn’t give up on each other.  Together they lost a total of 196 lbs.

Read their entire story by visiting this link.

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