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Wedding Photos: Inspiration for the Must-Have Pictures you Need Captured on Film


It takes months of planning for a few memorable hours and it’s essential that the precious moments that occur doing those hours of your wedding day are captured on filmed. These photographs capture the little things that you might not notice on your wedding day, or moments that you want to relive over and over again. Providing your photographer with a list of Must-Have shots is a great way to make sure the two of you are on the same page, and that you get the moments you want captured forever in a photograph. Continue Reading…

Wedding Inspiration: Wedding Destination-Bahamas


What better place to become married than a destination wedding, in the Bahamas.  This wedding inspiration is one to take awe in.  The gorgeous beach, coral accents, and soft sand made for the perfect wedding decor on this couples special day.  If you are considering a wedding destination this is one to take note of. Continue Reading…

Wedding News: Wedding Gown Alterations


More often than not brides have to order their wedding gowns, you are considered lucky if you can buy the gown off the rack. And even if you can fit it perfectly this doesn’t happen very often. Because of this once the dress is actually ordered it may not look how you wanted it to.  This is where the alterations department cones in handy and many women have questions that need to be answered on this subject. Continue Reading…

Wedding Proposals: What Women Don’t Want to Happen


The wedding proposal is a huge part of a couples life, it’s just as big as the actual marriage.  All wedding proposals are different depending on the couple getting engaged.  Some are very planned out and almost too perfect while others are unplanned and completely spontaneous.  No matter what your proposal happens to be almost all women want to change something about their proposal after the fact. Continue Reading…

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Wedding Shoes of the Day: Low Heel White Wedding Shoes


Brand: Touch-Ups

Style: Abby

Price: $56.00

Brides who don’t usually wear high heels will torture their feet if they wear a style with a sky-high heel, even moderate heels could have their feet screaming. For a beautiful classic style , but with a little height, a pair of low heel white wedding shoes would be complementary and comfortable. The pleats in the satin fabric at the toe add a little interest to this otherwise simple style, with the peep toe serving as a focal point, allowing guests to catch a sneak peek of the brides perfectly pedicured toes as she’s cutting loose on the dance floor.

Source: Better Bridal

Wedding Attire: The Perfect Bridesmaids Dress


Bridesmaids have to accrue a lot of expenses to stand up next to their favorite bride. From the dress and alterations to the wedding day footwear, and from the showers/parties to wedding day beauty expenses and more, bridesmaids can end up spending a small fortune. To help make this investment more worthwhile, modern brides are choosing dresses that aren’t a “one-and-done” kind of wear. With the convertible bridesmaids dress, bridesmaids are able to get a dress, long or short, that can be worn multiple ways. This allows them to not only showcase their fashion preference, but change up the style of the dress with each occasion they wear it. Continue Reading…

Wedding Ideas: Wedding Cakes Based off Hit Movies


The cake is almost as important as the wedding dress when it comes to weddings.  The cake is also something the groom can be apart of making the decision, therefore it’s a big decision to make.  Some couples choose to stick with the traditional white, tiered wedding cake while others choose to go out there with theirs.  These cakes are for the movie lovers and the out there couple. Continue Reading…

Wedding Florals: Adorable Alternatives for Floral Bouquets


Today’s modern bride continues to look for ways to push the wedding envelope in an effort to separate herself from a host of other brides. Yearning to be a trendsetter, these brides seek innovative ways to kick their weddings up a notch. There are a myriad of ways that brides can be both different when it comes to their wedding bouquets and embrace eco-friendliness. Whether purchased or DIYed, anything other than florals make bridal bouquets “green” and thus, reduce the carbon footprint of your wedding day. Continue Reading…

Wedding Inspiration: Circus Wedding


I have never thought of a circus wedding theme to have, but this couple did and it is perfect.  When you think circus you may think clowns, chaos, and striped tents.  Somehow this couple thought of the complete opposite and made this theme creative, romantic, and sophisticated. I apologize in advance in advance for the picture overload but this wedding is so unique! Continue Reading…

Wedding Inspiration: Fiesta Wedding Theme


A great wedding theme to have if you cannot decide on a color scheme is a fiesta inspired wedding.  Fiesta’s are all about bright colors and having a great time. If you truly can’t decide on a color there is a way to choose all of the colors with your wedding still looking put together and not tacky.  Choosing the same type of bold colors and using lots of floral decorations is the way to ensure your wedding looks amazing. Continue Reading…

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