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Harry Potter Themed Wedding: Every Potterhead’s Dream


If you are a Potterhead then you know a good Harry Potter themed wedding when you see one.  This wedding has everything from the Marauder’s Map to the Hog’s Head in.  They even based their wedding colors around each house, which we all know is a lot of colors to incorporate.  This Harry Potter wedding theme is every Potterhead’s dream come true.  Continue Reading…

Celeb Wedding Need to Know


I must admit, I am not a huge celeb wedding follower but Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding is apparently the biggest deal since humans have discovered the wheel.  This will be the only article I write about their wedding so for those of you who are fans, buckle down and find out the ten things you need to know about Kimye’s wedding. Continue Reading…

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Let’s Talk Wedding Trends


I love trends just as much as the next bride, but sometimes you can get a little trend overload. Here’s a bit of advice, don’t try to follow trends.  If you want orange at your wedding and orange isn’t in this season, who cares, it’s your wedding!  Trends are just a heads up for brides to know what is going to be popular and what themes they will definitely be able to find decor for.  So here’s another wedding trend blog for you to catch up on. Continue Reading…

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Guide to Buying Wedding Gifts


I am at that point in my life where everyone I know is getting married.  Due to this, I have tons of gifts to buy! Sometimes it is hard to stick to just the registry, especially if you are a procrastinator like myself.  Sometimes I am buying a gift the day of the wedding and it’s down to the most expensive items!  Here’s a little guide to buying wedding gifts. Continue Reading…

Wedding Q. & A.’s Answered


When attending a wedding as a guest or a part of the wedding party there can be some sticky situations that arise.  Here is some advice in case you are ever in any of these sticky situations, or this advice could help you prevent them from happening. Continue Reading…

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10 Summer Wedding Trends: Part 2


If you checked with us yesterday, then you saw the first half of this article! 2014 is all about summer wedding trends that create a positive guest experience, save the bride and groom money, and make for a more efficient wedding day. Wedding trends are ever changing so have a look at these last five wedding trends to finish up our Part 2. Continue Reading…

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10 Summer Wedding Trends: Part 1


Every year trend setters get more crafty and creative with the trends they want to set.  This 2014 wedding season is all about saving money, being more efficient, and giving your guests a better experience at y our wedding day.  Check out these 5 trends you are bound to see this summer, and stop by tomorrow to see Part 2. Continue Reading…

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Intimate Tuscan Wedding for the Romantics


When I finally get married I want to have a very small, intimate tuscan wedding setting.  I love the huge wedding’s that offer a great reception, but that just isn’t for me.  This couple chose to have a very small, secluded wedding theme that made it that much more romantic.  Continue Reading…

Wedding Tables D.I.Y.


One great way to save money on your wedding day is by getting crafty. D.I.Y. projects are not only easy but they are also fun and a great way to save your wallet.  Table clothes can be a very expensive items to buy or even rent for an event. Instead of wasting your money, make your own. Continue Reading…

How to incorporate Sports Themes Into Your Wedding Day


Many brides and grooms came together over the love of some kind of sport.  While it’s a great idea to have a sports wedding theme, sometimes it can get a little tacky and cheesy.  There are tons of subtle ways you can incorporate your favorite sports team without going too over the top.  Check out these tips! Continue Reading…

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