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Miu Miu Gingham Slingback Wedding Shoes for Functional Style


Many modern brides are looking for a whimsical way to add a pop of their personality into a traditional wedding. The perfect way to do this is by adding a patterned shoe to your bridal trousseau. These designer Miu Miu gingham slingback wedding shoes are a great Spring or Summer style. The slingback is like a preemptive strike against blisters, while also a way to ensure breathability for your feet on your wedding day. This particular gingham check is larger than traditional ginghams, modernizing the pattern, and incorporates a blue, which is a fool-proof way to add both personality to your bridal footwear and fulfill the tradition of “Something Blue.”

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Be a Thrifty, and Tall, Bride in Emerald Green Platform Wedding Shoes


You’ll be inspired to travel to the Emerald City in these exquisite satin emerald green platform wedding shoes. Perfect for a bride with Irish heritage, a March wedding or for a gal who loves a luxurious jewel tone, this style is one that has the modern bride raving. A well-known secret in the bridal industry is the extra length that comes standard on wedding gowns. To off-set the cost of expensive alterations, opting for a style that boosts your height can be a thrifty way to stretch your budget.

Source: Belle The Magazine

Embellished Designer Wedding Heels are Worthy of the Splurge


With certain areas in your budget, modern brides have the go-ahead to splurge. One area in particular is on the bridal trousseau.  When you’ve been waiting to be a bride, you deserve the dress of your dreams and you need a shoe that will complement the gown perfectly. Invest in a gorgeous pair of embellished designer wedding heels for your special day. These heels are made by skilled craftsman using the finest of materials, which means you’ll pay more than typical department store brands, but you’ll get a shoe that’s more durable and more comfortable. The moniker, “You Get What You Pay For,” has to come from somewhere.

Source: Fashions 4 Beauty

Ballerina Bridal Flats for Chic Wedding Footwear


These ballerina bridal flats certainly are pretty. It’s no wonder Kate Moss had her bridesmaids wear these adorable shoes for her Summer wedding. The flats are inspired by ballet slippers, complete with the signature dainty bow at the toe. The shoes themselves come in soft hues, that give the shoe a romantic essence, perfect for a wedding day. From the silver glittered option to the tiny polka dotted and ivory frilly style, these little flats pack a whole lot of personality.

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Black Bridal Heels for a Monochromatic Wedding


Brides often rely on the traditional monochromatic black and white color scheme with a bold color pop for their wedding event palette. The Groomsmen and Groom wear black, while the bridesmaids also wear the same color dresses. With black dresses comes the need for a complementary pair of black bridal heels. When you’re already having your ladies select gowns that meet their style preferences, give them the option of selecting footwear that does the same. By allowing choices, you’ll give your bridesmaids the opportunity to spend money on a dress or shoes that can be worn again. Talk about a great investment on their part, and a thoughtful choice on yours.

Source: Wedding Gowns 

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Blue Bridal Shoes for your “Something Blue”


Modern brides translate their “Something Blue” into their special day footwear. Available in a variety of hues and styles, blue bridal heels can be found in a price point that a bride can afford. Whether a bride’s style has her choosing a plain pair of shoes or an over-the-top embellished pair, there’s no doubt that she’ll fulfill tradition and find a pair of shoes that she’ll love to wear on her wedding day.

Source: Aisle Candy 

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Silver Metallic Wedding Shoes for the Modern Bride


Silver continues to be an overwhelming majority of modern bride’s “go-to” metallic accent for their wedding day. The color is complementary to their platinum or white-gold wedding ‘bling’, while the mirrored accents used for the reception decor are also translations of the silver. Tie the accents into your bridal look with silver metallic wedding shoes. This style provides a gorgeous shoe, making perfect for a sophisticated soiree highlighting the stunning metallic accents.

Source: Sears

Bring Awareness with Pink Bridal Heels



Honoring deceased loved ones continues to occur in innovative ways for today’s modern bride. With cancer awareness and charitable organizations funding research to find a cure, many brides are choosing to incorporate colors that represent specific color awareness like purple for pancreatic cancer or teal for ovarian cancer, and making donations to the correlating charitable organizations. To highlight breast cancer awareness, as a way to pay tribute to a family member or friend, opt to incorporate the symbolic color into your wedding wardrobe with pink bridal heels.

Source: Merle Dress

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Wedding Shoes of the Day: Platform Beach Bridal Sandals


Style: IS-E3E922

Price: $29.95

You’d think that beach wedding are synonymous with bare feet, but believe it or not, you aren’t alone when it comes to wanting to wear a shoe. Many brides want a beach wedding, but don’t exactly want to feel the sand between their toes. To keep your feet off the sand, yet still give you a beach-friendly wedding shoe, opt for a pair of platform beach bridal sandals. Whether you want them plain or embellished, this style will get you down the sandy aisle perfectly.

Source: Advantage Bridal 

Nude Bridal Wedges with Rhinestones – Glam for your Gams


Nude shoes have a slimming effect because they make it seem as if your legs go on for days. This is also a great trick for giving a shorter gal a little height when wearing a shorter dress. These nude bridal wedges with rhinestones are stunning shoe choice for either you or your bridesmaids. The wedge is embellished with rhinestones in assorted sizes, giving the style a little extra glamour. The peep toe draws attention to perfectly pedicured toes, making these beautiful shoes are highly desirable wedding day shoe.

Source: Shoes and The Weddings

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