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Women Proposals are Becoming More Acceptable


In case anyone wasn’t aware, we do live in the new millennium, the age of 2014, the age of technology, acceptance, and endurance.  We live in an era where traditions are dying and new traditions are being created every day.  This includes everything from weddings to the order of life itself.  One of the major traditions that is dying out is the idea that women can’t propose, because guess what.  They are! Continue Reading…

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Wedding Proposals: Pop the Question at an Astros Game


Wedding proposals have gone from a quiet dinner setting to an outrageous feat.  The bigger and more creative the better.  Couples are asking friends and family members to participate and are even hiring photographers and videographers to capture their proposal on film.  If you are looking to propose at an Astros game your dream can now come true. Continue Reading…

Wedding Proposals: What Women Don’t Want to Happen


The wedding proposal is a huge part of a couples life, it’s just as big as the actual marriage.  All wedding proposals are different depending on the couple getting engaged.  Some are very planned out and almost too perfect while others are unplanned and completely spontaneous.  No matter what your proposal happens to be almost all women want to change something about their proposal after the fact. Continue Reading…

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Proposals: Ways to Incorporate Your Family and Friends


If you are the type of couple who are very close to both sides of your family and your friends then it may be an option to incorporate those people into your wedding proposal.  Some couples prefer that special moment to be captured just by the two of them, but having friends and family involved is a great way to keep them on their toes.  Continue Reading…

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Marriage Proposals: Social Media Proposals


We live in a world fueled by technology.  Everywhere you turn someone is buying the new iPhone, texting, or tweeting a picture of what they had for lunch.  Now couples are beginning to do proposals using social media and it is actually being accepted as a type of proposal to do. Continue Reading…

Marriage Proposal: Proposal Featuring 15 French Bull Dogs


When Jessica Sammut left her house that morning to have a walk in the snow covered park with her boyfriend, she had no idea what was to come.  Finding an adorable french bulldog wearing a red coat paired with a red balloon led them to the surprise proposal every girl wants. Continue Reading…

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Wedding Proposals: Who Doesn’t Love a Good Proposal


If you haven’t caught on yet, I love wedding proposals.  I especially love unique and romantic wedding proposals that have meaning to the couple about to get engaged.  I came across a photo gallery of different proposals and here is a look at my top five pics. Continue Reading…

Video: Model Gets a Surprise Proposal at a Fake Photo Shoot


As our culture is continually changing so do wedding traditions.  It’s not enough anymore to just take a girl to a nice restaurant and pop the question over dessert.  In our time, guys are stepping up their game and proposing in fun, unique ways.  Supermodel, Quiana Grant was so surprised by her ‘surprise proposal’. Continue Reading…

Wedding Proposal Planner


Obviously, many couples decide to make their lives a little easier and invest in a wedding planner.  Have you ever thought of a wedding proposal planner?  It’s new to the wedding business and was created by a very unique woman from Hong Kong named Ann Fong.  The idea of a wedding proposal planner is really the same as a wedding planner.  Instead of planning the big day you hire someone to plan the big proposal.  Some couples are either too busy to find the time to make arrangements for a unique proposal or just not creative enough, and that’s where Ann comes in to save the day.

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Fun Marriage Proposals You Have to See!

These seven marriage proposals are a must see, even if you’re not getting married anytime soon!  Some are unique, some are heart-felt, and some are adventurous!  All are worth mentioning, but you have to check out the link at the bottom to view each video. Continue Reading

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