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D.I.Y. Wedding Decor


You don’t have to spend a ton of money on your special day to have fantastic wedding decor.  Now that we have access to Pinterest and other blogging sites we have thousands of D.I.Y. options at our fingertips.  Here is a great D.I.Y. wedding decor project  for those who are choosing a geometric theme. Continue Reading…

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Crafty Ways to Save Money on Your Big Day


When planning for your wedding day you might realize just how expensive it’s going to be.  Weddings last year, 2013, averaged at about $30,000 per wedding.  That can be very extreme for budget conscious brides who would rather spend their savings on a romantic honeymoon or a new home.  Here are a few crafty ideas that will help you save majorly on your wedding day. Continue Reading…

A Wedding Color Story to Remember


Wedding colors are one of the hardest decisions to choose when planning your wedding. These are the colors you will be seeing for the next eight to nine months of planning and you will also have to see them at your wedding day.  Choosing the right colors is a tough decision that every bride and groom has to make.  Here is a color story to remember. Continue Reading…

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Wedding Decor: Super Mario Wedding Cake


I’m sure everyone has played some form of Mario game when they were young.  Whether it was Mario Party, Mario Kart, or just the regular Mario game.  Mario and Luigi have become iconic character’s in the gamer world along with out every day life.  For this reason it’s a great choice to have as your wedding cake if you are a huge Mario fan. Continue Reading…

Wedding Decor: A Stunning Canopy under which you’ll say “I Do”


Many brides, traditional and modern alike, love the aesthetic of a wedding canopy or arch in their ceremony venue. This piece of decor adds a beautiful focal point, essentially serving as the “X – marks the spot”, this is where you’ll say “I Do.” Whether you’re of the Jewish faith and must marry beneath the chuppah or whether you simply want a gorgeously decorated wedding arch, you’ll have plenty of stunning pictures from which to draw inspiration for your own wedding day decor. Continue Reading…

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