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Wedding Attire: Hair Accessories


Wedding gown designer Elise Hameau just recently opened a show room in Saint Paul to unveil her new line of wedding accessories, Les Fleurs.  This new line of accessories is perfect for the bohemian, whimsical bride.  Full of floral details, crowns, and amazing accents these wedding head pieces will leave you ditching the veil and getting on the flower crown train. As a designer Elise is inspired by 1920′s era elegance with a 1970′s era clothing style.  Continue Reading…

Wedding Ideas: D.I.Y Wedding Inspirations


Weddings are becoming more and more expensive every year, with this being said many brides and grooms are taking on projects themselves to cut down the cost.  D.I.Y. projects are becoming more and more popular for brides and grooms to incorporate.  They can also be a bonding experience between your bridal party and family and friends. D.I.Y wedding projects will help reduce your cost, but also add time and effort to your wedding planning. Continue Reading…

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Wedding Inspiration: Whimsical Woodland Wedding


Woodland wedding themes are our most popular themes this year.  Most of these weddings are paired with vintage details mixed with modern accents.  This particular wedding is a whimsical take on the woodland wedding.  This inspiration is fun, flirty, and woodland all at the same time.  Floral and plaid accents add to the whimsical atmosphere of this couples big day.  I love the idea of mixing two prints but having a cohesive color scheme. Continue Reading…

Wedding Trends: Stunning Holders for Your Personal Wedding Vows



Modern brides are bucking tradition by foregoing the traditional vow script and are instead, opting to write their own. Some couples scour the internet for loving words, while other opt to write personal vows straight from heart, customized to their own relationships and personalities. Couples probably won’t make their film debut by memorizing their lines, so vow holders are a detail not to be overlooked. Continue Reading…

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Wedding Inspiration: Gifts for Your Groom on Your Wedding Day


Gifts from the bride and groom to each other is becoming a popular trend with today’s modern couple. The Best Man and Maid of Honor serve as the bearers of the gifts, each accompanied with a heartfelt love letter that builds the anticipation of the soon-to-be married couple. Continue Reading…

Wedding Shoes of The Day: Black Cage Wedding Booties



Brand: Dyeables

Style: Lotus

Price: $64.00

These black cage wedding booties are the perfect finishing touch for a modern brides’ bridesmaids’ attire. This strappy peep toe style is both sexy and fashionable, making it a welcomed shoe to partner with the little black dresses your attendants will be rocking down the aisle. With a sky-high heel, these shoes are no doubt going to be both loved for the wedding day look and worn again and again, long after the wedding.

Source: Better Bridal Online

Wedding Inspiration: Emerald Wedding Theme


As I have stated before, I absolutely love weddings that are based around a color story rather than a theme.  This particular wedding is based around the color emerald which is perfect for a romantic, deep, rich wedding.  This wedding had the perfect venue and setup for an emerald wedding and it really made the color pop while at the same time ensuring it wasn’t to bold or obnoxious. Continue Reading…

Wedding News: The Do’s and Dont’s of Losing Weight for Your Big Day


No one is perfect and no one is happy with their body weight the day of their wedding, or at least most women aren’t.  Most women get married during a stressful time of their life when maybe they’ve gained a few pounds since high school during their college years.  Whatever the reason may be, most women want to lose weight before the big day, but research has found that not only do most women not lose they weight, they gain more of it back. Continue Reading…

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Wedding Ideas: Best Gift From a Wife to Her Husbands


Wedding gifts are not only hard for the guests to make a decision on, but they are also hard for a bride and groom to make a decision on.  One way to start off your marriage right, or even spice it up in the later years is by giving your husband a boudoir photo shoot.  Boudoir photo shoots are becoming more and more popular, and a good percentage of photographers partake in them.  Boudoir is a sexy photo shoot meant just for the eyes of your husband.  Continue Reading…

Wedding Florals: Using Floral Garland on Your Wedding Day


The use of garland is becoming a big trend when it comes to wedding florals. Modern brides are opting to incorporate the garland in a variety of ways. From using it as draping decor in the ceremony venue to incorporating it on the tables of the reception, the use of garland continues to reign supreme in the wedding trends. Continue Reading…

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